Transmogrificantus Octet

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Transmogrificantus Octet (2013)
in memory of Austin Peralta

Instrumentation: 5 Violins, 2 Violas, 1 Violincello
Duration: 22 minutes

I. Sinfonia
II. Elegy — Fantasie — Coda

Presented by: The Teaching Machine
Performed by: The Anamnesia Octet
Produced by: Ali Helnwein
Recording Engineer: Travis Warner
Mastering: Shaun Michaud at PARMA Recordings
Artwork/Design: Ben Olsen
Distributed by: AlphaPup Records & Dome of Doom
Release Date: July 29th, 2014

Transmogrificantus Octet is a two movement string octet, written in memory of Austin Peralta, whose ideas and love of music had a profound impact on me. His dynamic, improvisational language and the breathtaking scope of his knowledge were endearing aspects of his character, and they led one to this sense that he possessed a wisdom beyond his years; a limitless propensity for illuminating insights, be they musical, metaphysical, or linguistic. During those challenging, virtuosic moments in which he performed, enraptured in extemporaneous abandon, he reached great heights of musical expression. This octet is less an imitation of his musical direction and more embracing of the classical style which he knew well, and which he always seemed to have a deferential love for.

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Thank You: David Wexler, Gemma Soldati, Kathleen Soldati, Jake Bloch, Ben Olsen, Ian Simon, Jeff LeRoy, Stephen Bruner, Kevin Marques Moo, Matthew David, Wylie Vasquez Cable, Jason & Cassidy Turbin, Mike Harrison, Wayne Behlendorf, Ted Nava, Micah Nelson, Gustavo Aldana, Grace Oh, Theo Jemison, Alex Backman, Irwin Krinsky, Ivan, Carlota, Mom/Dad, Yolanda Kol