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Tausendvierhundertsechzehn (2014)
on the occasion of the exhibition “V” by David Lamelas

Instrumentation: Tenor & String Quartet
Duration: 12 minutes

I. Void
II. Introduzione
III. The Flood
IV. Epilogue

Concept: David Lamelas in cooperation with Gavin Gamboa & León de Castillo
Performed by: León de Castillo & Marcel Rubin Quartett
Recording by: Nestor Fabian Gonzalez
Presented by: The Teaching Machine

Conceptual Artist David Lamelas (*1946) is known today first and foremost for his structuralist films and media installations. His solo exhibition “V” at Kunsthalle Basel, curated by Ruth Kissling, opens with a concrete object that serves as a reminder of Lamelas’s early sculptural works of the 1960s, but which also embodies his fundamental concern to liberate sculpture from the traditional ratio of mass and volume – a recurring theme within his oeuvre. For David Lamelas, sculpture is not only the aesthetic form and specific mass occupying space, but rather the centre of an accumulation of spatial and social interactions. The site of the artwork – as place of creation as well as place of presentation – is central to the conceptual approach underpinning his works. As seemingly invisible material, tied to the experience of the viewer, time complements the vacuum of space.

Thank You: David Lamelas, Nestor Fabian Gonzales, Raphael Oberhuber, Emily Call, Ruth Kissling, Teaching Machine