Rountree Convexations


Rountree Convexations (2016)

Instrumentation: sampled voice, electronics (Renoise / Mutable Instruments Clouds, Frames)
Duration: 24 minutes

All the sonic material used in the making of Rountree Convexations are taken from a taped conversation with Christopher Rountree for the purpose of an interview which appeared in the publication I Care If You Listen.

Two approaches were employed: highly rhythmicized pieces were assembled using the Renoise tracker (chatterdrinktabletop, taxthem) and more atmospheric soundscapes were created using the Mutable Instruments Clouds module. processpiece utilized the Mutable Instruments Frames module to modulate between 4 source inputs of the voice(s) driven by an evolving sample+hold randomized LFO.

You can read the interview here: