Modus Futurus Posterus Machina

Modus Futurus Posterus Machina (2013)
Synthesis Engine: Renoise
Duration: 39 minutes
Machinamentum Principalis
Quadruplex i
Duplex i
Machinamentum Interruptus
Duplex ii
Machinamentum Auxilium
Duplex iii
Quadruplex ii
Machinamentum Laetificus

Modus Futurus Posterus Machina is an electronic work/work for voice centered around a neo.medieval aesthetic which reaches its culmination in a mechanical musical process. Inspired by Gregorian Chant and using randomized combinatorials of improvised monophonic lines and textures alongside four sequenced reconfigurations of other medieval/modern vocal works, this piece finds a pattern of organization which unites the sections which are based on an ambiguous and amorphous rhythmic space with the four Machinamentum sections (representations of a mechanical future) which serve as interrelated functionally structural components of separation, relentlessly metered and rhythmically alien to the humanized Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplex vocal sections.