Cantemos hoy, mañana moriremos.

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Cantemos hoy, mañana moriremos. (2012)
Album Leaf for David Alfaro Siqueiros

Duration: 46 minutes
I. La Nueva Democracia
II. Guardian of The Peace
III. America Tropical
IV. The People for the University. The University for the People
V. La Marcha de la Humanidad
VI. The Echo of the Scream
VII. Ejercicio Plástico
VIII. Nuestra Imagen

The collection of piano pieces that comprise this work can be described as muralistic — muralistic in the sense that they necessitate broad swaths of space to exist, and feature myriad landscapes and a multitude of narratives contained within a larger whole. This Album Leaf owes its due to the inspired iconographic universe of David Alfaro Siqueiros’ work. I wanted to capture elements of color, movement, and conflict explicitly investigated by this illustrious and fascinating Mexican painter. The title is taken from a poem by José Zorrilla which, a hundred years before Siqueiros’ time, made an early correlation between the idea of Mexican nationality and intimacy with death:

The Elements (1922)
The Elements (1922)

Méjico es la ciudad de
los cantares
huerto rico de frutas y de flores
y en medio de la guerra y sus
y en medio de la peste y sus
se mece en sus chinampas
cantando ante la tumba
sus amores
en un cantar que abarca estos
“Cantemos hoy, mañana moriremos.”

— // ____ …

Mexico is the city of song
A rich garden of fruits and flowers
And in the middle of the war
and its uncertainty
In the middle of the plague with
all its horrors,
It swings soothingly in its ancient
Singing about love before the tomb
In a song that spans these extremes:
“Let us sing today, tomorrow
we die.”


David Alfaro Siqueiros
David Alfaro Siqueiros