Beethoven Ligeti Aberrations


Beethoven Ligeti Aberrations (2019)

Software: Bitwig, KFingerprints
Duration: 22 minutes

Beethoven Ligeti Aberrations uses the KFingerprint VST to ingest a sample pool, and then match an incoming audio sample to the closest matching sample in the existing pool, producing amalgamated structures as one piece controls another (and vice versa). The two works selected here are Beethoven Symphony 5 (second movement) and all movements of the Ligeti Requiem.

As they held hands, fingers interlaced, the imprint was captured; and captured again; a sound was born! Watch it fly! The breeze had settled. The clouds holding stillness. There was plenty of time to compare and contrast. What folly it is to sit here; we should dance! An endless interruption, a cascading divertissement. Kiss the joy! Get into your stride. Don’t drink that delicious formaldehyde! There’s plenty more where it all came from; sounds upon sounds. We’ll combine again, recombine and mend! There is no boundary towards which we bore. Classical music, what a dinosaur!

Recorded and Mixed by Gavin Gamboa
Washington DC, Biddestone Woods, Michigan,
and Los Angeles, California, United States
March 2019